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Research Trail Guide: Clinic Sessions

We’re offering two free, 50 min calls a week to founders and product people who want to improve their research projects

I am offering free, 50 min consultations to founders and product people who are kicking off research projects (or feeling gloomy about one they just did).

Like a wise old car mechanic, I draw from experience working with 100s of startups to quickly understand your research challenges and diagnose which screws to tighten!

"Andrew is an amazing critical thinker. His ability to understand our company in a short period was impressive and the insights shared were really valuable."

Clinic Attendee: Founder, Seed Funded Startup

How does it work?

  1. You provide me with a little bit of information about you, your company and the research you’re trying to get done
  2. You choose a slot that works for you and book it in below
  3. One session per company – don’t be greedy
  4. Our conversation will be confidential, happy to sign an NDA if needed
  5. If you like it, please spread the good word to your network!

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Who am I?

I'm Andrew and I've been doing product research and customer discovery for 15 years (here's my LinkedIn). I've worked with over 30 startup clients, both B2B and B2C and traversing topics including health, education, hospitality, finance, productivity, and led research in two more B2B startups. And I’ve been mentoring 100s of startups around the world for 9 years with Google for Startups, the World Food Programme Innovation Accelerator in Germany and a bunch of corporate accelerators in the UK.

I have honed my ability to quickly understand a team’s business and diagnose their most pressing research needs. Any team that’s been mentored by me can confirm that I can add value in a short time. Take the offer people!

What kinds of things will we cover?

The format is a 5-10 minute grilling so I understand the business/problem, then we work together on an actionable plan, while I share as many relevant tools, templates, books, articles and podcasts as I can muster.

Here's what attendees have asked about so far:

  • How to get insights and commercial proof-points out of a pilot of a new technology in a large enterprise
  • Working out if it's possible to run rigorous research on friends/network
  • Dealing with founders who feel that they know the customer so well that research isn't necessary
  • Trying to work out why people say they'll donate to a charity, but don't actually do it
  • Running effective discovery research on top of other responsibilities without getting overwhelmed
  • Being forced to "validate" a solution without exploring if it's the right one

More testimonials

"If success in your job involves understanding the needs of your customers and users, I'd thoroughly recommend having a chat with Andrew. He listened and quickly understood the context, then explained clearly a whole range of different approaches worth considering. Some were complete eye-openers. It was easy to see how a modest investment in some high quality evidence-based research could make a massive difference to the outcome and save a lot of wasted effort based on guesswork"

Clinic Attendee: Product Manager at a recruitment business

“Andrew has been an incredibly valuable Mentor at L Marks. Over the past few years he has supported our corporate intrapreneurship teams in a number of ways to accelerate the validation of their innovative business concepts and help to get them investor-ready. Through his vast knowledge of customer research, pinpointing customer needs and building new products he is excellent at positively challenging teams on their assumptions and guiding them toward a customer-centric approach to building their businesses. It is always a pleasure and energising experience to work alongside Andrew.”

Joseph Richardson, Head of New Ventures at L Marks

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