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Exploratory research

When you have high-stakes questions about your customers or users, we help you answer them with a speedy, but rigorous research project.

For clients who are less experienced in user research, we’ll take you through a clear, end-to-end process that meets your learning objectives and translates into actions for your business.

In companies with existing, but constrained research resources, we can seamlessly step in to assist and provide you with high quality work quickly.

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Who we've worked with

Condé Nast | Deliveroo | Tesco | Delos | Yunus Social Business | Mozilla | The Office Group | Ford | Ikea | Pathnostics 

(Case studies below)

What we've researched

Here are some of the exploratory research questions we’ve worked on recently:

  • How can online magazine content play a bigger role in online shopping?
  • What are the customer and internal journeys around product quality complaints in a large retail business and where are the biggest obstacles to unblock?
  • How are food delivery payment experiences and needs different for people in ten countries around the world?
  • How do US medical practitioners choose diagnostic solutions and what is the best way to market to them?
  • What makes people volunteer to work on large open source projects and how might we keep them interested?

What you get at the end

Custom frameworks

Off-the-shelf personas and experience maps rarely capture the unique dynamics of our clients’ audience.

We’ll build you frameworks that help explain our findings and provide a basis for future strategic thinking.

Bitesize nuggets

We love to bring our clients along for the ride, but appreciate that they’re often very busy juggling multiple projects.

We work with Slack summaries, highlight videos and other fun ways to bring the findings to life in manageable chunks.

Reusable data

We like to leave an insights resource behind that serves as a starting point for future questions.

We'll set you up with organised, anonymised and searchable data in whatever file system works best for you.

Case studies

Condé Nast commerce research

A 13-week, multi-method investigation into how online magazine content fits into shopping journeys.

Deliveroo multi-region payments research

A 13 week, five country exploration into food delivery payment experiences and friction.

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