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Growth Mechanics x Medical diagnostics client

Working in partnership with a business building team to explore how urologists buy diagnostic solutions

The Challenge

Getting marketing right for a complex clinical buyer

“This isn’t the first time we’ve engaged Muir Wood & Co to provide valuable insights for our client work. We always enjoy working with their team, particularly their flexibility and ability to quickly gain in-depth knowledge of the topic at hand. ”

Emil Lamprecht, CEO of Growth Mechanics

A US medical diagnostics business was looking for ways to grow the adoption of their advanced UTI test, so that it could become a staple for clinics across the country. They needed to make sure that their website and marketing materials were hitting the mark with the right practitioners.

The diagnostics business was working with Growth Mechanics, a company builder with a specialism in UTIs, to assist with their marketing strategy. They believe that the most persuasive marketing is informed by listening to buyers directly and testing ideas and content on them. Buying isn’t always easy for people to discuss and medical practitioners are a tough crowd to study, so GM recommended Muir Wood & Co as a partner to help plan the research, then gather and analyse the data.

Our Approach

Interviewing and testing content on prospects, customers and churners

UTIs make life hard for patients of all ages, and there are a lot of different types of clinician trying to help. Before we could study this complex audience, our first task was to find a way to persuade them to get on a call with us. Urology teams are a busy bunch, so we had to get creative with introductions and incentives. We ended up using an expert sourcing service for the first phase of the study and bribing the client’s sales team to make intros to the rest!

We ran an initial round of interviews with non-customer Urologists and then a second round with existing and churned customers which included Urogynaecologists, Physician’s Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, Urologists and a Chiropractor.

As you might imagine, medical diagnostic purchasing in the US is quite a complex process for various reasons. Growth Mechanics requested our help to make sense of things like:

  • The role of insurance coverage from different providers
  • Types of practice with totally different decision making processes
  • The impact of practitioner relationships with sales reps

Our interviews often combine discovery with testing ideas and solutions, this helps us to build a richer picture of buying behaviour and contextualise the feedback we gather on content types and copy. We spoke about how they decided to buy the diagnostic, then tested alternative value proposition copy and materials on them. A doctor or clinic specialising in patients of a certain age or condition might make use of different information or materials from another.

The Outcome

Identifying best fit customers and the content that resonates with them

“Muir Wood & Co left us with a much clearer understanding of who the content should speak to and the most persuasive messages it should communicate. The insights provided extended beyond our work on this project and have influenced decisions on other projects since.”

Melissa Kramer, COO of Growth Mechanics

The research resulted in three major contributions to the marketing strategy that Growth Mechanics delivered to the client.

  1. We mapped the buying process for different types of urology clinic, showing key decision makers and adoption moments
  2. We identified the clinic and practitioner types most likely to buy the test regularly (and those with the biggest obstacles to purchasing)
  3. We provided recommendations on the information, types of materials and copy that would resonate most with practitioners and their patients

The interview recordings and notes gave the client’s marketing team the first hand context that they were craving and continue to be a source of ideas.

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