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Joint projects with agencies

When your client project demands research that’s beyond your capacity, we can add our credentials to your pitch and expertise to your team.

Wouldn’t it be lovely to have two experienced researchers on the roster, available for all your projects? This is sadly a luxury for most agencies.

Partnering up with Muir Wood & Co is the next best thing. Clients love us and we’ll join forces with any team with minimum onboarding.

We’ve worked on a mix of concept generation, design and build and management consultancy projects – across B2B and B2C, software, products and services.

Heard enough already? Contact us at hello@muirwood.co.uk to talk business

Agencies we've worked with

ustwo | Reason | Loomery | Plan | The Mill | Code and Theory | Nexus Studios | Growth Mechanics

(Case studies below)

Projects we’ve helped with

Some examples of the the projects we've worked on in collaboration with agencies:

  • Designing an information platform for new students at a UK university
  • Identifying city-scale investment opportunities for a global automotive brand
  • Generating and selecting ideas for applying augmented reality to automotive
  • Testing characters and interactions in a family augmented reality game
  • Exploring online event opportunities and platforms for a global media brand

Where we add value to your projects

Building a better plan

Creative projects are more likely to succeed if they are grounded in rigorous insights. Research and design activities can complement each other beautifully, but research set-up tasks are often underestimated. So the sooner we’re involved in planning, the better.

World class research delivery

You can focus on the creative strategy and execution, comfortable that the research is progressing in safe hands. We make sure we completely understand your learning goals and check in regularly to confirm the data we’re gathering is helping achieve them. 

Insights that get buy-in

From doing 50+ client projects in all kinds of organisations, we’re always thinking about ways to bring clients along for the ride in a way that’s appropriate to their UX maturity and available brain space. Whether it’s drip fed juicy insights or lively showreels, our playbacks are informative and fun.

Case studies

Loomery x The University of Exeter

An agency partnership which resulted in a new product being launched in 8 weeks

The Mill discovery in a global automotive client

Helping a creative production agency find new commercial applications for their 3D visualisation technologies

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