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NEW SERVICE: Startup Research Package

We’ve packaged up some golden nuggets from our extensive product research consulting experience into a collection of workshops to help startups succeed with their own research projects.

Get research right first time!

Startup teams desperately want first-hand contact with their customers, but at the same time they’re terrified of messing it all up by asking leading questions or misinterpreting the findings. 

We’ve found a neat solution which empowers teams to do their own research but uses a plan and templates that we’ve tailored completely to fit their product and customer context. This approach has been honed from years of inhouse and client projects, which include about 25 startups, and mentoring 100s more early stage businesses through accelerators around the world.

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We’ve broken our offer down into 3 packages of actionable and fun workshops, with flat pricing to keep things simple.

Package 1: Research planning

The first step in your team’s research process

We’ll build you a bespoke approach that asks the right questions

  • Custom workshop to diagnose what research you actually need
  • Bespoke customer interview script and training session on how to use it
  • Templates to collect data efficiently without getting overwhelmed

Outputs: Recruitment plan | Script | Notes capture | Consent template

Price: £3,300 + VAT

Package 2: Actionable outputs

Once you’ve talked to your customers

We help you make the right conclusions and avoid founder bias

  • Diagnosis session to review your plans, recordings and notes
  • Tailored analysis frameworks to extract insights from interviews
  • Work out the value prop your ideal customers will buy first
  • Map the context of how your product will be used

Outputs: Value proposition canvas | Segmentation tools | High level journey maps

Price: £5,500 + VAT

Package 3: Full project support

Combining packages 1 and 2 to support the start and end of your research project

We are there for you at the two hardest parts of research!

  • This is an absolute bargain for you!
  • Analysis is much more efficient and predictable if we’ve helped from the outset
  • We can offer optional extra help during data gathering (see below)

Outputs: Everything above

Price: £6,600 + VAT

The format

Diagnosis: The packages involve a diagnosis workshop to fully understand what you’re trying to learn, where you’ve got to and what resources you have available.

Preparation: Then we prepare a custom canvas, populated with the content and frameworks that make most sense for your customers and learning goals.

Execution: In a second workshop we walk you through the bespoke materials and coach you on how to use them effectively.

Optional extras: We can also sit in on your interviews and give you pointers on your questioning technique, for an additional hourly fee.

Who’s this for?

We’ve run these sessions with startups at multiple stages in a wide breadth of B2B and B2C industries. Some are at the idea stage, whilst others already have a live product, with paying customers. Most have received at least a round of funding.

Why work with Muir Wood & Co?

Andrew is very experienced at designing and coordinating research for startups. He's been working on product research for 15 years, with recent clients including Tesco, Deliveroo and Condé Nast. He previously led research inhouse in 2 startups, and consulted with over 25 others, including 2 backed by YC. He mentored 100s of businesses through Google for Startups and The World Food Programme’s innovation accelerator.

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