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We're hiring: Product strategy internship (paid)

Muir Wood & Co is looking for a motivated, articulate and curious product strategy intern to join our team.

Job spec

Seeking: Product strategy intern
Salary: £2,000/month
Start: Late April start
Location: Hybrid, 2-3 days per week in our Holborn office
Term: 3 months
Qualifications: Bachelors degree (all subjects welcome), some work experience in an office environment, excellent verbal and written communication, not afraid of spreadsheets

Who are Muir Wood & Co

Muir Wood & Co are a research and strategy consultancy. We work with product leaders who are in the early stages of building customer-centric products and services.

We’re a small operation, with just two fulltime employees, plus freelancers when we need them. We’ve worked with a wide mix of clients: from global giants like Ford, Condé Nast and Deliveroo all the way to early stage startups, just getting their ideas off the ground. 

You will be working directly alongside Andrew Muir Wood, the founder. He’s been working in Innovation for 15 years, has a PhD in Product Strategy from Cambridge and has mentored hundreds of companies via accelerators like Google for Startups and World Food Programme.

We feel that a lot of time and talent is wasted building products that don’t solve real problems. Our vision is for more product businesses to solve real problems for customers, and get it right first time!

What you’ll be doing

The internship gives you exposure to the early stages of product development and life as a strategy consultant. We’ll try and tailor it to your interests and strengths but it’s likely to include:

Desk research

  • Learning about an industry
  • Mapping competitors
  • Tracking trends
  • Emerging technology

Consumer research

  • Finding and scheduling participants
  • Running and analysing user interviews
  • Running and analysing surveys

Product and service experiments

  • Thinking up ways to test out ideas quickly
  • Prototyping products and services
  • Running pilots

Growing the consultancy

  • Marketing the business
  • Attending workshops, events and conferences
  • Improving internal processes

What you’ll get out of it

In 3 months, we want you to grow as a professional while working on interesting topics with fun clients. We'll provide you with a MacBook and set you up for home-working if needed, and we'll pay for books, courses and industry events.

Here are some of the other benefits of taking this job:

  • Work on projects for well-known brands across a variety of industries
  • Hands-on experience of consulting projects and the innovation process
  • Build on your existing skills and add new ones
  • A lot of coaching and feedback from a highly experienced consultant
  • Grow your network of clients and practitioners
  • Possible full-time employment at Muir Wood & Co on completion

What we look for in candidates

Joining our tiny team, you’ll immediately be making an impact on Muir Wood & Co. The work will be varied and not without challenges. Here are some of the qualities that we think will make you a good fit for the role:

1. You enjoy analytical work

A lot of the time, good research and strategy means exploring things deeper than anyone else has taken the time to do. This can mean patiently crunching through things like survey responses or interview transcripts to uncover patterns. 

We find it quite meditative, but it requires focus and it’s not for everyone!

2. You have a knack for tech

Our time is spent in Google sheets, slides, ChatGPT, whiteboards, video editing tools and so on. We expect you’ve probably tried most of these or can quickly teach yourself to use the rest.

If you’re the IT support for your family and friends (and maybe even enjoy it), that’s a good sign.

3. You’re drawn to startup life

Muir Wood & Co is a small, agile business, which means you’ll be exposed to a wider range of experiences and challenges than at bigger firms, with less corporate bullshit to deal with.

But, to be transparent, it can be a bit unpredictable! Early stage businesses are risky and like many of our clients, we are constantly experimenting with techniques and project types. It helps if you are adaptable and good at getting things started.

We’ll provide regular check-ins, feedback on your work and make learning resources available so that you can improve in the most important areas.

How to apply

If Muir Wood & Co sounds like the sort of place you would like to work, and you think you could be a successful intern here, please complete the application form below.

The intern interview process with Muir Wood & Co usually consists of two rounds of video calls.

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