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Product market fit research

When you’re trying to achieve product market fit, but don’t have scale, we’ll help you work out what your value proposition is and who’s going to buy it.

“Build, measure, learn” is all very well if you manage to land 1000s of customers early on. But what if you’re building a B2B product with a small addressable market? Or if you want to learn about user needs before spending ages writing code (a good idea).

Startups that worked with us have increased their cart conversion, grown revenue and raised millions in funding.

Heard enough already? Contact us at hello@muirwood.co.uk to talk business.

How we work with startups

🛠 Fixed price research packages

Great for: startups on a budget, or that want to do research themselves

We diagnose the most important research to be done on a call, then build you a custom planning canvas, recruitment plan, research script and train you to use them in a workshop.

Alternatively, if you've already done research, we can help you analyse the data and build outputs that will support your business and product decisions.

1. Research planning: £3,300 + VAT

2. Actionable outputs: £5,500 + VAT

3. Combo of 1 and 2: £6,600 + VAT

More info here

🚕 Full service research project

Great for: startups in a hurry, or with limited research resource available

An end-to-end project in which we help you answer the most burning questions you have about your customers with a balance of rigour and speed. We help you translate customer insights into product and business actions. Your team can be involved as much or as little as they have time for.

We'll build you strategic outputs such as experience maps, customer profiling frameworks, value proposition canvases and jobs-to-be-done. We'll organise the data in bitesize chunks for you to share with your team, partners and investors.

Starting price: £9,900 + VAT

📟 Ad hoc research support

Great for: busy product people with a quick tasks or questions

Like wise-old carpenters, many of the tasks and decisions that relate to planning and running research are muscle memory for us. If you don't have time for trial and error, give us a shout to see if we can do it quicker.

You get direct access to us via Slack, with same-day response for all queries and 24-hour turnaround for most tasks. Clients have asked us to review research plans, give feedback on survey questions, help word onboarding questions etc.

Price per hour: £220 + VAT (rounded to 30 min intervals, invoiced monthly)

Sounds good? Email us at hello@muirwood.co.uk to get researching.

Startups we've worked with

A broad mix of product stages, business models, B2B/B2C, software, hardware and services:

Instant | Tailfin | Toucan | DueDil | Cord | Bitfount | Hadean | Shopscribe | mintBlue | Batelle | Biamother | Taxually

(Case studies below)

Why we’re great at helping startups

We’ve been there

Andrew was head of research at a fintech startup for a few years and was employee 3 at a travel-tech business. He’s also mentored hundreds of startups through the Google for Startups and World Food Programme accelerators.

We help you build your own capabilities

Want to grow your own inhouse research function? We can help get you going with plans, templates and coaching. But no worries if you’re busy and in a hurry, we’ll do everything and get you those insights quickly.

We can work with all budgets

We always find a way to make things work for startup budgets and funding levels. Once we have a good plan with clear learning goals, we can divide up the tasks and share the load.

Case studies

Tailfin buyer research

Improving website conversion and building a research process for a premium bike accessories brand.

Batelle pricing research

A case study about helping an online sleep school startup to explore alternative pricing models

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