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Survey: How people get better at research

We want to know how people who do research are improving their skills. Whether you’re a university-trained researcher or you’ve picked it up as part of your job, we’d love you to complete this 5 minute survey.

Education is at the core of what we do. Andrew has been a mentor with Google for Startups and other accelerators for 9 years, he has run design conferences and meet-ups and recently started teaching entrepreneurs through Aspire. He also provides free research clinics to product people every quarter.

Muir Wood & Co are currently doing our own study to understand what learning looks like in 2023. The whole innovation landscape is changing rapidly and we want to know how our audience is levelling up its research skills.

We’ve been interviewing researchers, CEOs, product managers and designers about how they’re learning and now we’ve put together a survey to widen our understanding. We’ll be asking:

  • How people learn in general at work
  • What methods they find most effective
  • How people learn about research in particular

If your work involves running research on users or customers, we’d love if you could tell us about it in this very quick survey...

The survey

We’ll write about what we find out in the coming months and we’ll be thinking about new ways to help people improve their research skills.

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