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We're hiring: Product strategy internship (paid)

Muir Wood & Co is looking for a motivated, articulate and curious product strategy intern to join our team.

Survey: How people get better at research

We want to know how people who do research are improving their skills. Whether you’re a university-trained researcher or you’ve picked it up as part of your job, we’d love you to complete this 5 minute survey.

Research Trail Guide: Price research #4 – Price thresholds

Just like eating spicy food, everyone has a different tolerance for spending money on things. Here’s how to get this info out of your customers and use it to find out their willingness to pay for your product.

Research Trail Guide: Price research #3 – The Feature Sundae

The next tool to add to your price research belt: work out which of your features customers are most likely to pay for. Hopefully your product isn't all sprinkles and no ice cream!

Research Trail Guide: Price research #2 – Relative spend

Are you the bun or the pickle in your customer’s life? Analysing their spending is the best way to know for sure.

Research Trail Guide: Price research #1 – the pricing piano

Trying to build pricing research into your customer interviews? Here’s a useful framework to add to your tool belt.

Research Trail Guide: Clinic Sessions

We’re offering two free, 50 min calls a week to founders and product people who want to improve their research projects

Research Trail Guide: Screening research participants

How to filter your research participants so you only speak to the cream of the crop

When can talking to customers help startups?

9 startup problems research can help you solve

Research Trail Guide: Writing a great recruitment brief

Maia explores how to nail down who you need to speak to when you’re planning a round of interviews

Startup Research Resolutions

Five user research resolutions that startup teams should be making in 2023

Research Trail Guide: Learning Goals 2 – How to write 'em

Did you read and enjoy our Introduction to learning goals a while back? Course you did! Well here's the next instalment...

Big companies working with small agencies

Why's it often so hard for small agencies to work with large corporate clients? Andrew gathers answers and suggests some solutions.

Research Trail Guide: An introduction to learning goals

Andrew introduces learning goals: why they're important and what makes a good 'un.

Research Trail Guide: Headlining after interviews

Maia lifts the lid on how to turn your jumbled interview notes into a coherent, outcome-oriented summary.

Research Trail Guide: Dealing with Lemons

What to do when life gives you unsatisfactory participants. Maia explains in the third article of our Research Trail Guide series.

NEW SERVICE: Startup Research Package

We’ve packaged up some golden nuggets from our extensive product research consulting experience into a collection of workshops to help startups succeed with their own research projects.

Research Trail Guide: Putting participants at ease

For the second instalment of our Research Trail Guide, here’s an overview of the techniques and principles we use to make sure our participants feel able to open up.

Research Trail Guide: The perfect interview intro

For the first instalment of our Research Trail Guide articles, here’s a quick run-through of the interview-opening principles we use ourselves and teach to clients to get conversations off to the best possible start.

Muir Wood & Co: How did we get here?

The origin story of Muir Wood & Co: how two cousins came to be running a research consultancy together.

Remote Research – Keep calm and call your customers

Remote interviews are a useful part of our research toolkit, especially right now. In this article, we share the principles and techniques we use to make them successful and encourage you to use this downtime to learn more about your customers.

Estonia's Got Tallinn(t)

Mentoring with Google Launchpad x Startup Wise Guys in Tallinn

Mentoring at Google Launchpad Malaga

In early October, Andrew was invited to Malaga to be a mentor and workshop leader at the latest Google Launchpad Accelerator. Here's what happened.

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